Our team of legal experts give you inside info on the legal world of cargo claims – from how to avoid losses and prevent cargo claims to taking pictures that can win a court case.

February 9, 2024

Optimizing Your Reefer Cargo Claims Recovery

Fresh produce holds a significant position in global trade, with its transportation being a vital link in the supply chain. However, this journey is not without its challenges. With most […]
February 9, 2024

Four Myths in Fresh Produce Cargo Claims

In the recent Fruit Logistica Berlin 2024, Recoupex Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Lina Jasutiene, had a Logistics Hub session about debunking these four myths in fresh produce cargo claims. […]
January 26, 2024

Concealed Cargo Damage Claims

Imagine meticulously packaging your cargo, inspecting it upon delivery, signing the Proof of Delivery (POD) as “clean,” only to discover damage upon unpacking. Concealed Damage is an undeniable challenge in […]
January 22, 2024

Should I Get Experts Involved to Recover Unpaid Trade Invoice?

Have you ever given full trust to a buyer and shipped a container full of product, and the buyer stops responding?   Let’s face it, collecting debts from clients in […]
January 19, 2024

Marine Claims Recoveries Offers Successful Financial Restoration

The consequences cargo claims can be severe including financial loss, time wasted to pursue claim, brand damage. When cargo is damaged in transit, it is important for the importer and […]