September 28, 2022

Why a picture is worth a thousand words in cargo claims?

Photographic evidence is one of the first necessities when making a claim.

You just pick the smartphone and take some photos!

There are several pieces of advice for making photos for claim goals, namely:

1) Photograph the outside of the container clearing showing the container number on the side panel and door.

2) Photograph all damage to the container: holes, dents, damaged door gaskets, extreme rust, and visible water lines on the exterior of the container due to submersion.

September 28, 2022

How to stuff cargo as a Pro?

Your cargo is transported by ship at sea. Just imagine this extreme force and possible danger for your cargo.

That is why we should follow the next crucial procedures during stuffing a container.

Make sure that the container is selected according to the type of cargo you are going to load

DON'T load weight over the payload limits of the container

DON'T load weight above the road regulations applicable on the transit

Make sure that weight is evenly distributed throughout the container

May 27, 2022

How to work your hardest without burning out

Most of us love what we do or we wouldn’t do it, but do you sometimes burn yourself out? I love working in the maritime industry and especially in cargo claims, but I see so many friends and colleagues working almost 24/7 that it concerns me. Do I want to see those I work with and admire, burn themselves out? No. I want to see them successful and healthy in mind and body.

May 23, 2022

Why was your freight claim denied?

We would all love to avoid cargo damage but it’s safe to say that every shipper will suffer it at some point. Meaning you will need to claim, but unfortunately the carriers are often in the driving seat when it comes to a payout so let’s look at how we can reduce the chances of a denied claim.

May 20, 2022

Document everything. Leave nothing to chance!

The beauty about this digital era means that you carry your camera with you night and day. It is a part of your every day life and this also means that for exporters, you have no excuse not to document your goods, or whoever is delegated to ship for you, they have the ability at their fingertips too!

April 21, 2022

‘Hot-stuffing’ sounds like a christmas treat – but in reality, it could be an expensive mistake!

If you inadvertently hot-stuffed your cargo, the refrigeration unit will cool down the surface layer of the cargo relatively quickly (within days). However, the centre of your precious cargo will not reach the desired temperature for a considerable period of time. This is a problem! Meaning that when your cargo reaches its destination, it is unsellable.