We are the number one legal force for ambitious exporters, importers, freight forwarders, and marine insurers. In 2022, Recoupex recovered 81% of cargo claims submitted to us, in an industry where 95% of claims are rejected every year.

If we don’t win, you don’t pay

We win back what you’re owed

  • We help you win back rejected, uninsured claims and insurance deductibles, before your claim runs out.
  • We work across more countries and can help in more situations than anyone else.
  • In 2022, Recoupex recovered 81% of cargo claims submitted to us.
  • If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

Simple process, quick resolution

  • Are you unsure of your legal rights? Or do you lack the time and expertise to embark on the claims process? Recoupex are experts, and we guide you through a simple and straightforward process.
  • You can submit a claim within minutes and most claims are resolved within 8-12 weeks.
  • As soon as we win back your rejected, uninsured claims, you get compensated.

“It was a pleasure to meet Mrs. Lina Jasutiene, Managing Director and founder of RECOUPEX in Mumbai.

Recoupex aims to help exporters, importers, freight forwarders and marine insurers to recover losses when cargo is damaged or lost in transit. Recoupex has truly made a positive international impact regarding cargo claims and insurance.

During our conversation, Mrs. Lina highlighted the challenges she faced and the triumphs she celebrated along the way. One aspect that stood out was her unwavering commitment to make a positive change for shippers and marine insurers around the world. Despite facing numerous obstacles during cargo claims, she always stood on the ground to make sure she gets the cargo claim in favour of whom she is representing. She and her team of lawyers are doing an excellent job.

What sets Mrs. Lina apart is not just her entrepreneurial spirit, but also her academic prowess, holding a prestigious PhD in her field of expertise. In addition to her academic achievements, Mrs. Lina’s success is a result of her problem-solving mindset and forward-looking approach.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank Mrs. Lina for giving her precious time in spite of her busy schedule. It was a great discussion not only from the work point of view and claim-related issues but also about having a holistic-approach to life.

Sadegh Jalali, Fulcrum Shipping & Logistics 

Hi Lina! You are a life saver. Intercont is proud of our association with you. You have helped our customers settle claims of hundreds and thousands of dollars which had seemed impossible. This appreciation is coming straight out of my bottom of my heart. Kudos to you!

Ashish Nikam, Intercont 

“Attorney Lina Jasutiene is a breath of fresh air for forward looking, result orientated freight forwarders. Lina’s knowledgeable, direct approach protecting our business helped us make substantial savings on cargo insurance for us and for our exporters.”

Tony, Canada to EU, Africa, Far East

“Firstly, I am a big admirer of your work. Thank you so much for educating thousands of shippers worldwide about the cargo claims process. I need to inform you that I am stuck in a painful cargo claims process with the shipping companies. There are 21 claims in total, none of which are heading toward settlement. I am looking forward to connecting with you in the hope to discuss possible solutions for the pending cargo claims of my principals.”

Satish, India

“Having worked with Recoupex since early 2020, the claim platform is simple and user-friendly. I can create a new account, log in and submit a claim within 15 minutes and then just wait for the compensation with regular updates on its progress. Besides obtain the loss recovery effectively, I appreciate Recoupex for the consulting on every aspect of loss prevention, how to handle cargo damages properly for a successful claim file and even how to deal with insurer surveyor report.”

Ralph, Coffee Trading

“As a business owner, it’s so important to be protected. But cargo claims are also confusing! I’m so grateful for Lina and her amazing templates, custom services, and all things legal! Lina is my go-to attorney for all legal doubts regardless of where I ship cargo and she is the only attorney I recommend for your import/export business needs.”

Tara, Agro Products WW

“We started working with Recoupex at the outset of Covid-19 to collect outstanding commercial debts from our buyers in UK and USA. Thanks to Recoupex we were able to pay salaries to our factory workers.”

Naresh, Home Décor

“The team is hardworking at Recoupex. They charge only when you get paid. I highly recommend their experts’ opinion on cost savings. I’m sure we’ll use them again.”

Jean-Pierre, Pulse Trading

“Great company and very responsive staff that has done an excellent job in collecting almost dead debt from our former Australian partners. They have acted in our interests and have consulted us in determining the collection strategy. They are value for money to any company or individual that need to deal with claims.”

Dag, Food Imports

“Working with Recoupex is an outstanding experience. Since they took over our cargo claims’ recoveries, we do not have friction anymore with our exporters and importers and can focus purely on commercial interactions.”

Digital freight forwarder, Asia to Europe

“Biggest win from Recoupex was understanding that every claim matters. Recoupex gave my team step – by – step guidance how to submit claim online, what evidence necessary and most importantly was able to return losses back, which otherwise we absorbed.”

General cargo exporter, Far East to Africa

“Recoupex goes the extra mile to take care of our claim recoveries. They do not charge anything upfront, no subscription fees, no membership fees and they are very professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Sugar trader, Dubai

Why choose Recoupex?


High success rate

In 2022, Recoupex recovered 81% of cargo claims submitted to us. You have a 95% chance of rejection, based on industry-statistics, if you claim by yourself.

Full responsibility

We take care of the entire claim process for you. From claim submission to claim settlement. We guide you through the essential documents, submit them, and negotiate with the carrier for you.

Saving time and money

On your own it can take months of back-and-forth to get compensation. There’s also a high chance that the carrier will drag your claim into the time bar. If your claim goes to court, you’ll have to incur legal costs.

Up to date

We regularly update our clients about the recovery progress and swiftly answer questions. On your own, you will be left in the dark by the carrier, with very little updates.

Less stress

We handle the complete process seamlessly, from the moment of the claim submission until the settlement pay-out.

No win, no fee

Only if Recoupex is successful at recovering your cost, do we charge a 20%-50% success-fee, which we deduct from your claim compensation.

Meet Recoupex’s founder

Lina Jasutiene

Attorney-at-law and legal adviser

“As a former defence lawyer at the biggest shipping company, I witnessed the frustrations and implications of unrecovered claims daily,” says Lina. “I was a star at rejecting cargo claims fast, from shippers and marine insurers all over the world. It wasn’t fun. I wanted more meaning in my life. I wanted to make a positive difference.”

Now, Lina is on a mission to transform the cargo transportation industry. “I am passionate about helping clients recoup losses in an industry where 95% of all cargo claims are rejected every year. I use my shipping, business, and legal knowledge to help clients with loss prevention-strategies and cargo claims-recoveries in an uncomplicated, understandable manner that empowers the client.

“Giving others the comfort in knowing what to do to obtain compensation from the liable party, is the best job I could have asked for,” says Lina.

Lina is a driven leader who has worked with hundreds of exporters and freight forwarders. She is also a passionate wife, mother, and friend.

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Problem-specific solutions

We work across more countries and can help in more situations than anyone else. We’ve got you (re)covered.

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For cargo owners

Cargo claims and commercial debt are part of business, but they shouldn’t sink your business.

For cargo insurers

Subrogation recoveries. Say goodbye to 95-99% loss-ratio for marine cargo claims.

For freight forwarders

When your customers suffer cargo loss or damage, give them someone to turn to.

Types of claims

Fresh and frozen cargo

Cargo was damaged due to reefer malfunction or off-power. Fresh fruit and vegetables often suffer from elevated transit temperatures or chill damages.

Excessive transit time

Due to the limited shelf life of fresh produce, excessive transit times can be extremely detrimental. Foodstuff experience an increased contamination risk.

Stolen or hijacked cargo

Cargo was stolen or hijacked. Loss can happen during inland transportation, at sea or at the port. Often, container doors are manipulated to steal cargo.

Water or physical damage

Cargo was water-damaged due to holes, rust, dents, poor gaskets, flooding or was physically damaged at a port-incident or during road transport.

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