July 12, 2024

How to Win Cargo Claims due to Excessive Delays

New industry reports reveal a concerning trend: as much as 20% of global maritime shipments are facing delays. While these delays can impact all types of cargo, they’re particularly devastating […]
May 10, 2024

What is the Top Cause of Cargo Damage for Avocado?

Avocados have become a global phenomenon, with insatiable demand pushing exports from leading producers like Mexico, Peru, and the Dominican Republic to new heights. In 2023 alone, Mexico exported over […]
March 29, 2024

The Importance of Cargo Claims Recovery in Thriving Exports

Brazil’s fresh produce industry is flourishing. Abrafrutas, the country’s fresh produce trade association, recently reported a surge in exports, reaching a record-breaking $1.26 billion. This impressive achievement positions Brazil as […]
February 23, 2024

Rising Demand, Increased Cargo Damage Risks

The fresh produce industry is booming! Around this period, fresh produce exporters are rounding up 2023 export figures and export trends for the rest of the year are anticipated to […]
January 12, 2024

Triple Advantage of Strong Evidence in Import-Export

In international trade, the efficient and secure transportation of goods is paramount. However, despite meticulous planning and execution, cargo claims can still pose a significant challenge for exporters and importers. […]
January 12, 2024

Logistics Hubs Session at the 2024 Fruit Logistica Berlin

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global trade, the pursuit of cargo claims has emerged as a persistent challenge for exporters. To shed light on this critical issue, Recoupex Founder […]