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April 11, 2022

A bad customer experience is worse than shipment delays, say 76% of Americans.

Establishing trust with your customers is key, communicating effectively and building that relationship so when there are supply chain issues out of your control and cargo is lost or damaged, you can put your faith in good customer service enabling you to concentrate on your business

April 8, 2022

WHY do I need so many documents when submitting a cargo claim?

If you have followed us for some time, you will notice that we talk about the importance of submitting the right documents in the case of a cargo claim, but here we WHY these documents are required. And remember that you need photo evidence and even video evidence helps if possible!

April 4, 2022

Demand to recoup money via cargo claims increasing

There were talks on ports becoming operational 24/7 to shift the over-flow of containers, but this chain isn’t possible unless every link in this chain is willing to work 24/7. Any broken link could be a single point of catastrophic failure. All this leads to more time for potential damage and it has been the exporters’ and freight forwarders need to claim for damaged or lost cargo against the liable carriers so their business doesn’t suffer.

April 1, 2022

5 Powerful tips to get compensation for cargo damage faster from the liable party

Claiming cargo losses or damage from shipping lines or transportation companies gets more and more overwhelming every year. So recouping that money is important , so here are some great tips to help you achieve your goal of compensation from the liable carrier!

March 28, 2022

British port ban on russian affiliated vessels

UK ports are being urged to refuse access to Russian-flagged, -registered, -owned or -controlled ships to help efforts to get Russia to pull its forces out of Ukraine. The government will assist ports in implementing these new laws, however, the commercial information ports receive first-hand about vessels and cargo allegedly makes them best placed to assess each individual case.