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December 27, 2021

The easiest way to win reefer cargo claims

Fresh and frozen cargo claims recoveries from liable carriers can be daunting, and in some cases, you might feel like giving up. Here’s what you can do to seriously enhance your chances to be paid.

Cargo exporters very often receive claim rejections from shipping lines based on “pre-shipment issues”, “hot stuff”, “load, stow, count” clauses. More often than not, shippers struggle to settle claims or settle at the higher level due to a lack of pre-shipment cargo evidence.

October 27, 2021

Astonishing easy way to inspect container free of charge

Cargo claims. Water ingress. The light test is so important to do before loading cargo into a container, or when the buyer receivess cargo that is inexplicably wet. The light test is great evidence to prove where the water ingressed the container and why the shipping line has to pay for cargo losses.

October 17, 2021

How to reduce cargo contamination risk in transit

The severity of cargo contamination with beetles oftentimes result in cargo losses, but also in extensive collateral expenses: containers deviation to other ports, refumigation, demurrage, and detention costs, etc.

Many times, it becomes difficult to prove that the contamination happened during transit, given the shipping lines’ “standard rejections” - load, stow count, or inherent vices.

Having seen the possible reasons for contamination, we confirm that sometimes cargo is contaminated in transit, sometimes at the origin. Claim success depends on evidence. Cargo contamination problems have been exacerbated by recent excessive delays and container rollovers at the ports of loading.

October 6, 2021

How to make sure Christmas cargo does not arrive in March

Global shipping delays 2021. It is anticipated that the congestion will continue to cause massive impact not just for certain ports, but also for surrounding ports as shippers continue to try to redirect cargo. Recoupex shares workable tactics and loss prevention measures on how to reduce the impact of excessive delays, potential cargo claims, and associated costs for importers and exporters globally. Most importantly to ensure all goods for the End of the Year Holiday arrive on time.

October 6, 2021

Easy Guide How to handle cargo claims

Guidelines for cargo claims handling and submission. Don’t just assume that if the importer suffered cargo loss or damage claim will be paid by the liable carrier. Often, when faced with a potential cargo claim, shippers and consignees feel daunted... With this guide, we simplify the claim process in seven easy steps! The truth is, only if shipper follow Recoupex guide, winning cargo claims will be much easier and faster.