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October 1, 2021

3 Biggest mistakes shippers make today, which cost them thousands of dollars

Shippers struggle with high freight rates, port congestion, equipment shortage, and very few free days at the destination. Some exporters take exorbitant risks when transporting fresh produce, which leads to hefty losses and cargo damage. Recoupex shares how Cutting corners when shipping reefer cargo, poor Packaging, inadequate stowing, and overweight cargo lead to cargo damages and lost cargo claims due to the exporter’s fault.

September 26, 2021

Reefer Cargo Total Loss Due To Late Release From The Port

Excessive delay to gate out the container from the port led to the entire cargo total loss requiring disposal, as well as incurring major demurrage and detention charges, both from the port authority as well as the shipping line who issued the erroneous freight invoice.  How importer can prove carrier’s negligence and win a cargo claim?

September 25, 2021

Coffee condensation and cargo claims

Shipping lines consider transit damages to coffee as an inherent vice and reject claims without even studying the documents. This is incorrect. Unfortunately, very few coffee traders know how to recover losses from liable parties when coffee cargo is damaged in transit.

Before pursuing a cargo claim against the carriers, shippers need to ensure that damage to coffee happened NOT because of condensation. Recoupex explains how shippers can protect the coffee from condensation damage.

September 7, 2021

How to stand out in the market today as a Freight Forwarder?Know THIS

From general pain points to specific frustrations All importers and exporters struggle with cargo damages in transit and claims. Few of them have marine insurance. As a freight forwarder, have you ever considered helping your shippers to recover cargo claims from liable carriers? That’s what Recoupex helps you to achieve.

August 12, 2021

The best tip for africa cargo importers. Now.

Due to the loss of revenue for both importers and exporters, African businesses must take every possible chance to boost their bottom lines.  Claiming against liable carriers is one way to recover losses. This does not mean that cargo has to be damaged or stolen, shippers may have the opportunity to claim detention and demurrage charges back from shipping lines and/or claim for delay in delivery which resulted in reefer cargo total loss.